Ralph Lauren should be glad they didn’t get a clear shot of Pea Poop Markle. He might stay in business a little longer.

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London PR Anon


G’morning Skippy. I thought I’d message you this morning given I’ve got about 20 minutes until my first phone call of the day, and I’m working from home today so I can message you in the luxury of privacy!

Now, I do NOT work for the PR firm that Meghan has hired. I’m not even entirely sure I know which firm is working for her, but a lot of us PR firms in London had meetings with her American PR team and we had to all come up with strategy plans. We’re a very small PR firm, and getting Meghan would have been a coup, so we’re weirdly upset that we didn’t get it. We don’t like her, but we would have loved her money.

This is the strategy at the moment:

1) Awkward family makes for good PR from her team

The stories of Meghan’s Father not attending/attending the wedding were frustrating for all. But they were planted and hyped by her PR team. Still are. Anything with “Meghan’s Father” is from her PR team. They planted several stories about different family members to see who the public would respond best to. He was seen as the one most people could garner sympathy with. The Prince Harry phone call is PRIME PR move. Gets the “Snowflake” Harry image away with and makes him look more like a respectable gentleman with a higher moral compass than the many who dislike the President of the US. My team believes this “interview” was set up in conjunction with the BRF PR & Press. Or, at least, the script was sorted.

The Apple does not fall far from the Tree. Script after script.

2) Children

Awwwwww babies. Children. Animals. Notice they all seem to dislike Meghan? But isn’t she a dog lover!? UH, not from what we saw from the dossier. She’s a dog lover in name – much like she was a vegan in name. But neither in practice. So the next Strategy for her is – children. “Meghan will be a great mother!” her fans scream as she’s pictured clutching the hands of a tiny girl. Those are all set up. Every picture with a child will be set up by her PR. She needs the “Meghan will be good with children” narrative so she can – please god no – get her own child with Harry. I’ve heard some people say about NYC knowing Harry is infertile, but there’s no way a PR firm would know that. We know what your favourite brand of shampoo is, where you like to eat and be seen, what your favourite side is, what your favourite hairstyle is etc etc. We are NOT privy to personal details like your fertility rates.

Children will be the next area – specifically young, toddler children who may appear a bit lost/uncomfortable with photographers around. Which is where the so-called “unseen letter” is found from the Headmistress.

I nearly spat out my tea when I read that. That letter is the worst PR placement i’ve ever seen. This is what we will pull out when we are aware of how low someone has fallen. Bring out a story from when they were younger! Everyone loves a younger child story! We’re expecting a lot more PR stories from her youth – also stories involving animals. 

IF she appears at Prince Louis’ christening, it’s to enhance her “children loving” PR image.

3) Humanitarian, but NOT a rebel (like Diana)

This is a new one. She’s losing the Diana image now – she’s genuinely been focussing on getting the two to collide. Even when we met her team from the States, they asked us how to make her more like Diana. We laughed and told the truth – she won’t be like Diana.

But alas, the saga continues – THIS is the image they’re now going for. They’re now making sure she’s a nice, charitable girl, who loves her husband and her husband’s family because they’re not like her blood family and that she just wants to help people. She’s no rebel. She’s just someone who’s a superstar (lol) who happened to have a Prince fall for her. Her life was filled with love, and dogs, and her acting career, but she’s so in love with England that she knows she’s going to be the best Princess ever. 

Expect to see stories like that. They’ll project Diana as a Rebel, Meghan as a Martyr. 

4) Teenagers <3 her

Whichever firm gave her this idea is strange. But they’re looking at her teenage fanbase as her pre-Suits fanbase. The Suits images with her top off gyrating against a shelf hurt her image with the 25-35 group aka, the group she wanted. Working women and men, some disposable income to afford her stuff – sometimes – and a target that Kate never really was able to get to because Kate never worked. The Waity Katy image really screwed that segment. 

The 25-35 group don’t care for monarchy. The upper class 25-35s all attended the same schools, go to the same polo matches, and attend Royal Ascot together. They don’t get pictured at Wimbledon – PR firms send their clients there – but they do go to the Saville Club and to Annabels. They don’t go to Soho House, unless they “want a bit of rough” (sorry to be crude).

So, her image is now being projected to the AMERICAN (note) teenagers. Her PR got her the nomination for Best Dressed at the Teen Awards. I’m guessing she’ll win it. They need her to be popular with the US Teens. The groups who use Instagram more than Twitter. Photos are their new language. So expect more memes of Meghan, more mashups of Meghan, more things where she’s approaching the younger market.

My feeling of what she’s now going to go for – Women in Tech and Entrepreneurship. Women of colour is too niche in the UK, and she needs to “champion” something. The young teens also are getting much more involved with tech, so it makes sense.

Plus, they need Meghan to appear young, fun, cool. 


So, that’s my brief overview of what I think is happening. If I hear or see anything more, then I’ll be in touch Skippy.

I’m sorry to have appeared then vanished! But I’ll try and come back once every few weeks with an update if I can.

Have a lovely day everyone!

This is awesome!  Thank you so much, I did think you forgot about us! We really appreciate this info, certainly gives us a better idea of what the hell is going on!  Thank you!  😁❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I love all the dashes, but okay let’s play. No one’s buying the race thing anymore the BRF took care of that. The women’s issues are not working.