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How can I join this Meghan Fraudkle movement lol. I want my blog to be like yours.



Lol what do you mean?? If you want to join the “ you ain’t fooling us bitch” fandom them go to my following list… trust me you won’t regret it.

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The “Bitch we knew your ratchet ass game from the gate” squad. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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Harry should have married someone more low key and with class even if she was an actress, novelist, lawyer, socialite, what have you, not some seedy hooker with a motive. Now he is miserable because of her conniving ways and it’s terrible to watch.

Yes, Agreed, someone that took their time to decide if this is the life for them. Dating, we never saw regular dating with these two because there wasn’t that kind of relationship. 

It’s painful to watch, he needs to know that he will be okay, people will support him when this is over. 

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All this FD stuff is entertaining but some read way too much into it. Honestly, I don’t think Harry will marry any time soon. We don’t even have any idea when this show ends. I don’t believe she will deport any time soon. She could of walked away many times but she didn’t.

No, he going to need to talk to a professional, Narc’s do a number on their victims. I don’t have any idea when it ends the dirt will help. Markle needed Harry’s person to make her happen. Well, she is happening, go away. Narc leave when they want to unless you get a restraining order. 

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JD, If those figures are accurate for Meg’s PR cost, then that means she has spent between $2,500,000 – $3,200,000+ for marketing and public relations since attempting a relationship with Harry. I am unsure of the start date. This is a big deal and Harry needs to be aware that a woman would spend $3M+ to marry him. That is not normal in any way. That is a mentally unstable stalker.

Yes, I agree she is not right, and a lot of people have gone through a lot of trouble to defend and offend her, that figure is for 1 PR when at one time there were 4 at this. I don’t know how many are still on the job for the English side. 

Yes, those figures should be accurate, I’ve been on this since day one, and I paid attention, and I learned so much about the business. It’s cutthroat, black PR is seedy, and then there is crisis management. A Publicist is like a lawyer they will represent the client zealously.  If you get in the way, they will discredit you.

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