JD, If those figures are accurate for Meg’s PR cost, then that means she has spent between $2,500,000 – $3,200,000+ for marketing and public relations since attempting a relationship with Harry. I am unsure of the start date. This is a big deal and Harry needs to be aware that a woman would spend $3M+ to marry him. That is not normal in any way. That is a mentally unstable stalker.

Yes, I agree she is not right, and a lot of people have gone through a lot of trouble to defend and offend her, that figure is for 1 PR when at one time there were 4 at this. I don’t know how many are still on the job for the English side. 

Yes, those figures should be accurate, I’ve been on this since day one, and I paid attention, and I learned so much about the business. It’s cutthroat, black PR is seedy, and then there is crisis management. A Publicist is like a lawyer they will represent the client zealously.  If you get in the way, they will discredit you.

thank you anon 💐💐 


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