She is so stupid and asking for the criticism IMHO. Who the hell wears black wool in July?! Seriously she has two brain cells and I don’t think they are working. Don’t get me start on the cost of clothing the whore. Regardless of whether she is getting them for free due to merching or actually paying for them which I find very doubtful…Terrible PR. IDIOT. Vendor Anon

I read that like WTF is wrong with her, oh yeah it’s Markle. It would be CH that pays for them, so they better start backpedaling and keep distant, the press is catching on. They just included her clothes in with the budget report, ouch! That will bite them in the ass considering they are not paying. 

Thank you vendor💐💐

Hi JD have a question how do you know Harry broke up with her in 2016? just curious. Also what VF article did she write?

We have a source close to the situation that told nycrealroyal and me. Markle was caught taking pictures in private secure areas. Harry posed a question to her and said something like if I were a guy down the street would you pay attention to me, Markle hesitated he had his answer, and she had a statement, a license to print money.  PC had her taken to the airport photographed getting on and arriving in Toronto. MM was supposed to stay gone, but she continued her reign of terror. 

What article did she write personally?? She did an interview about a girl school that she was supposed to be hands-on but Keeping up with the banana drama, and I called her out, we researched, and we even called Canada about the trip, and they had no clue. Markle put out that she couldn’t go because of travel restriction for jews and that was Israel jews. We called her out again, she found last minute thing on pads. Remember that Emily Andrews made up they went to Norway, they didn’t. Harry went alone on a guy’s rough sleeping trip. Or are

you talking about Markle’s essays?  How to be both, which was rinsed and repeated so much it was cringe. 

The other interview was her pack of lies to VF in June 2017.  The palace did not authorize anything. Harry was having a love affair with a girl, and that girl was not MM. 

Thank you anon 💐💐

What is the status on MM’s Visa? Is she renouncing her US citizenship to become an English citizen? And what of her title, “Duchess?” She can legally have that title in England even though she is not an English citizen? And has anyone been able to prove or disprove with actual facts if MM was baptized and confirmed? Just curious because the Visa, baptism, and confirmation were all huge issues regarding her marrying PH and then when they married I have not heard a peep on these issues since.

No one knows the status, but you have to follow the rules, and it does take years, I heard she is not renouncing. You still run into difficulties and even have to pay your taxes to the IRS as Boris found out himself.  

Apparently, she can have the title, HM gave it to her. It doesn’t mean a thing in the US. What HM giveth can be taken away. 

There is no proof that she was indeed baptized. Prince Charles was at a Prince’s Trust awards the night in question. 

The palace has never updated any of that. 

The Chicago trip she was fixing the Visa, that ended up being a massive party trip, a friend flew into Chicago to drop off party favors. Per enty, a blind item revealed

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“An internet thing, I’m sugar for Henry Cavill, if I’m going to do this, I might as well look at someone beautiful. ” JD, you’re totally a Henry Cavill sugar! I am not much of a sugar for anyone anymore now that we have social media and everyone’s dirty secrets are exposed. Although, I used to be ho hum about Kate, but now w Meg on the scene, I am becoming a Kate sugar! I am also becoming a Yorkie sugar as they mature and act better.

I like the girls too, I look forward to seeing more articles about them in the near future. Kate looks better every day, how we take people for granted sometimes.

Yeah, I didn’t start off in the Cavillary, he grew on me.  I watched the Tudors and Man of Steel, my husband didn’t like him until Batman vs Superman on HBO recently. I blogged him to calm the fandom down and it worked. Then people started sending me anons about his last girlfriend, it got nuts. Ever since then I grew to admire him. 

It’s Hollywood, never take a celeb PR persona to heart, you will be disappointed. 

Thank you anon 💐💐