Hi JD me again the anon who asked about Harry’s break up. Wow no wonder he looks so miserable! he tried to get rid of her before and it back fired. Makes me hate her even more now. Oh and I was referring to the June 2017 VF article Is there still a link for that floating around? I was just curious when she started her lies and putting this master plan of hers into effect.

She did the interview and photoshoot in June, and it was published in October.  Markle says were in love and likes a good love story blah blah, this is nuts he moved on, and she has it planned out how she is going to get him back whether he likes it or not. August comes out with The Sun showing the poorly photoshopped pictures of them on a tarmac supposedly in Botswana, I made airport tarmac comparisons in South Africa, it ended up being JA. 

For the link check archives. I probably have DM with parts of the interview in it.

Thank you anon 💐💐


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