I don’t think we should be altogether negative in our review of the visit. Harry did make a good impression of the leadership and clearly people who met him thought he was charming. The younger generation of royals need to establish a relationship with their neighbors and so this was a beginning of that. The tour itinerary was not a good one IMHO and hopefully next visit will have a better schedule.

Prince Harry is a professional, he does touch people in beautiful ways.  If it bought 2 nations closer then great. It wasn’t a well put together tour. 

Anon requested, the kid video and pictures, I watched it 6 times, and I can see the micro facial expressions of  Markle being uncomfortable, bored, blinking eye movements, she not into kids. This is not the gig for her. I think she should give Kate a lot more credit and her followers should back the hell off. 

Damn clothes bill, no one going to forget that. 

Sticking her nose in another country business won’t be forgotten, this was a hot-button issue. Royals don’t do that, I know that she had to have been briefed on this.  Again, being defiant. 

Thank you Love 💐💐💖


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