I have heard of Kate’s surrogacy rumors before. I have a friend who works in fertility she is a well respected expert in the field. I asked her for her POV on this rumor a year or so ago and she laughed she has been asked by multiple patients her opinion. She said she isn’t treating Kate her disclaimer in her opinion “It is possible but I doubts it because of the evidence and what it would mean”. I asked her what she meant and she said Kate showed signs of fertility treatment in the summer 2012.

There were no surrogates, it was a nasty rumor started by the Russians, that would never happen. Fertility treatment is one thing, having a live birth is another and required by law to have someone from government witness it.  It’s to ensure the safety of succession of the heirs to a rightful place in the monarchy.  I’m pretty sure I got that right. 

Part 2-

Anonymous said: Sorry ran out of room… Kate’s summer fertility treatment- My friend said Kate had classic “moonface” from what she is speculating as fertility treatments from April 2012 thru to the Olympics. She also said she learn through a friend of hers that the laws in England and the Commonwealth would not allow a child carried by a surrogate to inherit the throne or any titles. There have been many videos that DO call into question whether or not Kate did have a surrogate. Personally I think she carried

Fertility treatment is to get your body to perform naturally, a surrogate is to get someone to do it for you, which that’s okay, normally but when we are dealing with a monarchy and the right of heirs is quite another, DNA testing, the live birth must be witnessed it’s all for naught. 

It’s not worth the humiliation. 

Thank you anon 💐💐


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