There were no surrogates, it was a nasty rumor started by the Russians, that would never happen. Fertility treatment is one thing, having a live birth is another and required by law to have someone from government witness it.  It’s to ensure the safety of succession of the heirs to a rightful place in the monarchy.  I’m pretty sure I got that right. 

Part 2-

Anonymous said: Sorry ran out of room… Kate’s summer fertility treatment- My friend said Kate had classic “moonface” from what she is speculating as fertility treatments from April 2012 thru to the Olympics. She also said she learn through a friend of hers that the laws in England and the Commonwealth would not allow a child carried by a surrogate to inherit the throne or any titles. There have been many videos that DO call into question whether or not Kate did have a surrogate. Personally I think she carried

Fertility treatment is to get your body to perform naturally, a surrogate is to get someone to do it for you, which that’s okay, normally but when we are dealing with a monarchy and the right of heirs is quite another, DNA testing, the live birth must be witnessed it’s all for naught. 

It’s not worth the humiliation. 

Thank you anon 💐💐