JD, Julie here. Could the windfall x 2 Tom Markle apparently won be payoffs for something he might have known or have. He was in the industry as was Weinstein and Co. Epstein was friends with Clinton, Trump etc, so political. MM got her views from somewhere and according to her contacted Hilary when she was 11. Toms money came from where exactly, who knows not even his kids seem to know

Hey Julie! The Lottery couldn’t be verified, and they don’t pay in cash. Rumors are drugs, dealers always have cash. Tom Jr claims to have found it in his dad’s room, and Tom Sr claimed he was hiding it from Doria, it was lottery money. I didn’t dive down that rabbit hole looking for proof., other claimed they couldn’t find it. 

I posted all the players that Markle has been affliated with like you just listed, Tom Sr, took MM to the set of Married with Children as a child. As young adult had sex with Weinstein, Ratner, 
(democrats free) and Mnuchin(republican charged) according to blind items on CDAN. Hollywood are Democrats with big money actors are heavily influenced by the mighty. That would have rubbed off on her. California is a liberal state. 

Thank you, Julie, 💜💜🌹🌹


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