JD, Julie here. So Snr Royals can walk right through with their bags. MM is now a Senior Royal so she could potentially be used as a drug mule, carry secret documents, illegal photos or videos, large sums of cash, counterfeit documents, stolen items, without being checked. There in itself is a reason for someone with illegal intentions to back someone to get them into this sort of position. Not saying they did just if there is a crack in any system someone is bound to find and exploit it

Yes, she can, she is supposed to have a new passport, right? Nobody checked anything as far as I could see.  Anyone else? The entire world uses this practice, it’s time to tweak it and if a crime is committed to expelling them.  It’s a problem, they have no laws to follow,  a get away with murder card. 

Thank you,, Julie, 💐💐💖


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