Meghan Markle, uncomfortable around children

the interaction with the child says it all about how fake this all is.  A pr move.  She approaches the child and puts up her hand defensively.  The child blows her a iss which is adorable yet she has no idea how to respond.  Then of course the kid goes for her hair – but it is a wig and she freaks cause she is afraid he’ll pull the wig off.  You can see in the sequence of pics the freakout and her reaction to the child is harsh.  Then Harry steps in to save her – so he know she has a wig and is in danger of having it pulled off.  Now Harry tries to save the situation by distracting the kid with funny faces and letting the child pull his beard.  Yes Harry is a pro at this and handled it well MeAgain is terrible and very uncomfortable with kids.  But all of it was utterly fake and contrived.  Obvious pr is obvious pr.  Harry and Meghan do not understand this – people are not stupid they see how fake it all is – many do.  PR doesn’t work for some yes but for most it can be seen through.  The more contrived Harry and Meghan act the more people see through it.  What Harry failed to see is that Meghan is so much a creature of pr that it made people focus on the pr manipulation not just hers but now his too

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