MM looks absolutely terrible in that gray dress. Those sagging boobs with the top armpit bumps make her look even less put-together. For being in Ireland on Royal business, you’d think her stylist would find whatever it takes to smooth and define her to where she looks fit and fabulous. She cheapens her couture dresses when she presents herself this way. Braless, sagging and bumpy is not fitting for a duchess. Usually the fashion houses advise their clients when giving them clothes.

They supply the stylist! Ouch! No lie and I believe her, our blogger @mysteriouslytransparentwitch has friends who work for Dior, and they insist you have a stylist to make sure you wear the brand right when merching their brand. What the hell happened here? Markle looked two sunny side eggs in that tight dress. She was pulling and tugging on it. It was horrible! 

Royals are known to be thrifty, I can’t see them paying that kind of money for the 6th in line bimbo wife. 

Thank you anon 💐💐


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