That kid is trying his hardest to shove her out of the way and yet her head is still in the clouds. He’s not lovingly touching her hair and her face, he wants her to go away. Why are the sugars squealing about how cute this is? It’s not cute. I’m not condoning the kids’ behavior because as a parent, I’d ask my child to show some respect if they shoved any adult, but I have yet to figure out what people are seeing is so sweet and funny about this.

I watched 6 times last night and another 3 today and I agree with you he wants no parts of her. They need to watch it like I did, their Grand Poopbah is not liked! What’s funny is the kid didn’t stop and turned his head away, did she smell?? I heard she stinks from PR. It’s a terrible thing to say, but one should have a scent, not a stench. 

Thank you anon💐💐


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