Go feed starving nenny you wouldn’t want to lose a Meghan hater to hunger 😢😢








hein ?

What the fuck is wrong with you? dont bring your fucking bullshit about someone suffering to other blogs take your fucking disrespectful ass somewhere else. The nerve of these assholes over some bitch. Ugh!!! 

Anonymous – Nenny has a wonderful friendship amongst us all. Why don’t you question when your trailer trash is going to show us her humanitarian side. All we have seen so far is her posing in Mulroney’s give away clothes which look absolutely awful on her spongebob figure. For your z-lister cable TV actress 😂😂 all she is good at is lies and take, take, take.

Yeaaaah buddy!!! 😂😂😂😂

Come at us with that bullshit we will come for you twice as hard. 

Oh you fucking worthless cunt..laughing at those who do good and need help to do better . Just so you know the Karma you and your dumb bitch leader shafrakle are racking up .Will put mount Everest to shame. Keep trying . It won’t work stay hateful as you all are.👍🏾


This is all. 


WTF?????? You know what anon, Markle sharkle shit!!! Im not gonna stoop down to your level!! I am in a bad situation… but guess what… as opposed to your wannabe white saviour… I AM LOVED AND WANTED AND NEEDED!! I may not have money this month… I may be struggling but I am better and in a better status than her… she may have Harry’s and the BRF’s money cos shes a good liar and manipulator… she may have all the material things… BUT SHES LONELY AND ALL ALONE!! She has to manipulate ppl into liking her and giving her shit because her own self and persona ain’t SHIT!! And ppl always end up waking up!! And she has to re-invent herself and find new victims!!

I am me BITCH and i have never ever wrong a soul and I am happy for that!! And I will never hurt anyone!!!! 

So FUCK YOU!! AND THAT PUTA!! She can shoove the BRF’s money up her unbleached arse!!!! ITs not even hers… COS BITCH IS BROKE!!! As usual!!!

SHE NEVER HAD HER OWN!! It was her dad’s, which she dropped, then Trevor’s who she dumped and the Corey’s who she dumped whilst shagging a dumbass low self esteemed wannabe prince!!!