Hi JD, Ko again. The PR strategy defies all communication logic. They do not know what to communicate, save she is better than Kate. Negative messages overdose of drooling PR turn people off. They have no idea of timing: daily, syrupy MegHo overdoses. Having bagged a dimwit prince, she should have kept a low profile for some time for everyone to come to terms with the thought of a wh.. in the palace. Instead, it’s in-your-face arrogance and smugness.. look ,look at my clothes, simper, simper. :)

It’s insanity! You’re supposed to put it there and retreat to build mystery, this is nausea. It’s being run by a crack head drunk control freak doesn’t know when to fucking quit!  You realize she is making people hate her, she is overly involved in what people are writing about her. Attacking the blogs is the worst idea yet. If she let it simmer down she might have had a chance, now she got nothing. 

When are they going to rope her in and say knock it off dummy! We are amazed that she hasn’t been kicked to the curb yet. We laugh at Markle😂😂

Thank you anon 💐💐


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