Hi JD/Skip, Been traveling on work and a little difficult to catch up on what I missed. Am fascinated by London PR’s posts and the latest one tallies with a comment I made on fake news and paid news in an earlier post. I am not PR but know about communication. A query for London PR anon – is it part of PR strategy to pull down others, (e.g likes MegHo more than, more stylish than, etc) to build their client? I too feel BRF is playing with fire and it could singe them. People are not fools. Ko

Skip on another site @skippyisheretostay Megatron has the control she could always say, don’t do that, but she doesn’t, the trashing of her new sister in law goes on. The deeper the Royals go with her, the more it hurts them in the long run, I agree. 

Thank you, Ko 💐💐


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