I am reading the crap she is sending to her teenage audience in the US and her pr now is all about her humanitarian appearance at the Great Famine Memorial. Right – she showed up at a Memorial for people who died in POVERTY wearing a Givenchy Jacket that costs thousands Humanitarian. I am surprised she did not ask “why didn’t they eat cake?”. She is such a fraud. Marie Antoinette Markle.

Yeah, she means well wearing that ill-fitting haute couture and spending over 100k a day on a trip, I’d want my money back! 

1. humanitarian- one and done, photoshoot- one speech

2. actor- drops towels-simulates sex- Emmy? up against these talents at this years Emmy, sure Jan 

3. relatable to teens- where did that one come from? 40 something

4. feminist – yachter-spends over 5 million to chase a prince for fame, shagged her friend’s husband for an introduction to the prince. 

Thank you Love 💖💖


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