To even think of someone sitting there scrolling thru our blogs and picking out personal posts of ours to ridicule and spread hate, makes my skin crawl. They fuck with us because we so call “spread hate” about whatsherface, we dont go to them and say the mean cruel and rude things that has been said to us. To wish harm and discord to someone dealing with something serious as Cancer, that is the lowest form of asshole. you deserve a spot in hell for that. What goes around comes back around. As far as the idiot, she will get hers too. Oh and just so you know, anyone that writes to me and it’s hateful and vile and you act like you have no mother fucking home training? Its getting screenshot and sent to tumblr for investigation. They can find out who you are if we can’t. Should actually fall under hate crimes but I’ll look into it. We do not like Meghan, but we do not wish any serious harm to her because that’s going to be our karma. You fucking douchewads should do the same. Karma is a bitch and she will find you. ✌️


Touche sister Vinny 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💖💖