just guessing although an anon did come on and say MA had nothing to do witht the scam in its early days. CDAN claimed Hugh Taylor Millie’s hubby did the intro or 1st banged her then did the intro. So that makes sense – his friend HT and others intro’d them for a hook up.


Right, now Markus, he had to introduce her to the guy that’s making all the trouble for the royal family. That person would be the WHO we want in this.  The wedding was collateral damage. All roads are leading back there, so they are going to get them eventually and haul everybody off to prison that took part in this scam. The big people behind the scenes will win the war. They like things just the way they are. Don’t rock the boat

Thank you anon 

Note that a bunch of Enty Blinds about the Hoe manitarian have been deleted


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