No she allegedly slept with Hugo Taylor MIC crew Millie her “friend” ex for the intro. MIC Soho regulars. Not sure if this is true but she also allegedly boinked A.L. prior and some other older friend of H’s and A.L.’s. Don’t forget Soho execs. It appears there were multiple people she climbed on to climb onto H.


Mouth drop that’s Millie’s ex! Who she is friends with! 

The AL I heard that too and the picture with the dog. I really like his girlfriend.

More good juice, how in the hell?? What the hell, LOL 

When Skippy calls her hodehoe that’s true according to your tea. 

Your ask is believable with the private chats I’ve had. 

Thank you anon 💜💜💜💜

In hindsight, I bet Millie told her to shove the invite up her arse. Repost 


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