Should you ever drop by these ‘ere parts Harry…




Consider yourself in need of a damned good shake my dear boy.  Enough of the chest beating with respect to Mental Health issues, the time has now come where you need to stop talking the talk and to now walk the walk.

You are not, and never will be, alone in suffering from MH issues, just forget that you’re somehow special or different – you’re not.   You are however very different to the likes of me, us, Nenny and my son in that you are in a very privileged position.  You and your family can afford the very best of health care that very few of us will ever be afforded.  

Enough of your talking.  You now need to put into practice the words you that are written for you and which you spout .  If you truly believed in MH care you would a) look after your own MH – cut yourself free and check into  a facility where you can heal (remember ‘physician heal thyself’?)  or b) you know what, I’ll say it as I think it – get your sorry arse down to the coal face and volunteer!  Put your actions where your mouth is and channel your f*king awesome mother!

It’s a good job you’re not my son, your arse would have my foot print on it right now!  

And you know what – I bet your mother would do exactly the same as me – cause that’s why she took you and William to hospitals when you were younger, in the hope that your privileged positions could be put to some good use and you would learn a little humility and hopefully feel the need to help others who were only born with stainless steel in their mouths, not silver.

Now wipe your snotty nose, scrub your face of your dried tears and tie your shoe laces – cause you now need to grow up to be the man your mother put all her energies into you what you could be.   Either get your sorry arse into rehab, or get it into the hospitals and get volunteering and putting something back into the community!  

Love this!  Great job!  Harry time to step up!  We knew your mother, we grew with her!  Your country needs your help!  You have got to dig deep, find your self respect, accept that what’s will be ….will be…..whatever it is….the outcome will be much worse for her than for you!  You will be ok, you have love and support!  The time is now!  Your future is in helping others, you can’t do that with her!  Save yourself!  These issues are important!  You can make such a huge difference!  Suicide is very real!  You have the voice I wish I had!  We need your voice!

Thank you @generousfurydestiny

Harry wake up!!  MH affects everyone just like death does…I learned that after your mother died a year and a 2 months after mine… and I am 3 months younger than you!! You HAVE ISSUES!! SAME AS MINE I KNOW IT I CAN SEE IT IN YOUR EYES!! So drop the damn act, repent and ask for help. Drop the damn spoilt self-entitled wannabe arse and act and swear by the damn pr image you’ve fed us for decades!! I believed in you.. I grew up following and acting like the damn image portrayed by your pr machine…

Fucking dump your trash and sort your shit out!!!


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