Good morning,Ā  yes thatā€™s right, thatā€™s the way it looks to us. Yes, she does have the resting bitch face, and it confirms Markle is a control freak.Ā 

Yes, I was watching live and reading Rebecca English tweets, she spotted her, and she said it was odd MM was standing up when there was no reason too, she was trying to get PrinceĀ Harryā€™s attention.

this is my screen capture of the liveĀ event, he is not happy

Everybody is sitting, she standing for no reason, looking crazy and right into the cameras. A remark from anon sitting close to them, that MA smell of ashtray and stale beer.Ā 

Mark Large was used for taking pictures on behalf of the Daily Mail forĀ  MM Texas trip in the airport. Expat Brit lives in MiamiĀ 

heā€™s mad

she managed to pissĀ off more peopleĀ 

ItĀ turns out we were lied to, she did have a placard, and she had a Suites bodyguardĀ with her. Suites NBCuĀ  got her in

The man lurking in the stairwell is an RPO, we have one with suits bodyguardĀ on the blog. He was also pictured picking her up at her home when she was looking very sad.Ā 

Thank you anonĀ 


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