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And WHO does this sound exactly like, too…. hmmmm???  Yep this is how people like MM manipulate, dox, trash anyone who doesn’t agree with or worship them. We need to keep getting the word out that this is how a narcissist like MM tries to ruin people to get her way.  CDAN does it again.

I always talk about the weekly tabloids putting on Kneepads when it comes to celebrities, simply because they want to protect their access and think that is more important than being honest with reviews or opinions. Their mission in life is to suck up to celebrities in the biggest way possible.

Blogs are a different matter, especially blogs or websites that recap shows. Specifically I am talking about reality shows. These blogs and websites definitely have their favorites and obviously the more they suck up, the better the chances are that stars of the shows they are recapping will give them an interview which then leads to more kissing butt and a cycle that never ends.

Sometimes though, these blogs and websites are just really objective with their opinion and call it as it is. When they do that, there are a group of reality stars who have hired a troll farm. This troll farm goes after the offending writer with a vengeance. They fill the comments with nasty diatribes about the writer and the site and try and dox the writer whenever possible. It is not uncommon for the trolls to make threats against the writer and their family.

It is not just the writers that this troll farm disguised as a PR firm goes after. They will go after other reality stars who speak out against one of their clients. They will trash that reality star in every space they can find with a staff of freelance trolls that operate across the country making a certain amount for each day of trolling. They will dox the reality star which then causes dozens of people to show up at the home of the reality star and has led to break ins and other issues where law enforcement was required.

Currently, this firm is representing a former Housewife and have set their sights on anyone who crosses her. Things were so bad by this firm that the producers had to put a stop to it. Well, they tried to put a stop to it. This firm was trash talking every blog and website that said anything bad about this Housewife and doxxing the writers which was causing the websites and blogs to not want to write anything about Housewives at all which would be very very bad for business for the franchise. The final straw for the producers was when the firm started race baiting and spewing vile anti-Semitic hate at some of the writers. The Housewife did not have her contract renewed which is why she is a former Housewife now.


Thank you anon

Pay attention to this bloggers, enty from CDAN 


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