MM’s new UK pr team was likely chosen because they complied with her demands and ideas about her image. Other pr teams probably didn’t get the contract because of this. That is why her pr is still so silly and unbelievable because its coming directly from MM and then she passes it on to her pr to publish.

I agree, and they are telling her what she wants to hear.  Thank you anon 💐💐


Sometime back I read that Tom S and Harry disliked each other because of something that happened when they were in school together and Tom has made it his career choice to bash Harry whenever he can. So if putting MM on a pedestal helps stick it to Harry that’s what he is going to do. He really does not like the royal family either

Tom got busted for drugs at Eton and expelled, he is a recovering alcoholic. He bashes Harry and BRF any chance he gets. Tom’s article was vicious and untruthfully biased. 

Thank you anon 💐💐

For your younger readers, JD, the dark haired lady in the red glasses in the row behind Kate & Megs yesterday is Billy Jean King, a kick ass tennis player from the 70s. Google her ‘battle of the sexes’ tennis match against chauvinist Bobby Riggs if you want to see some real feminism in action. I think they made a movie about recently (Emma Stone played King, maybe?)

Thank you anon, Billie Jean King was my hero back in the day, I was a women’s libbers as a kid, I would correct the teacher on women’s roles. Billie Jean King whooped BobbyRiggs ass. We can do anything a man can do. 💖💖😸

they need to counter by re-publishing the pics of PC escorting Doria arm in arm. They need to somehow get the MM interview where she speaks of her preference for muted neutrals out again. Punch some holes in this BS. Cause she is going for a total Diana approach – cold cruel RF poor Meghan the wife crushed by them.

I agree, and we are witnessing this together and called it!  We knew this was going to happen. BRF is looking dignified while MM’s credibility is in the toilet, 

Thank you, Love 💖💖

and Papa chimes in again Sunday Sun – it was mean of the RF to sit Doria on the Meghan side of the church cause it looked like she was all alone with those celebs of MM’s. Forget that PC escorted her all over. More martyr Markle. The RF can give her a million events and smile around her all they want – her pr strategy/campaign is going to sink them.. They can’t win.

Thank you anon, I agree it’s a losing strategy 💐💐MM sinks herself.