Do you know how hated she would be though if she used the miscarry route and it’s found out she lied. Plus I don’t think Harry would buy a pregnancy if they’re not intimate, and with Zara having suffered one in the past. The RF is going to have to know she’s lying about it and would surely put a stop to it.

I’m hoping they pay attention to us and know that’s a bad idea. It’s in poor taste and yes, Zara. We are dealing with a woman who is desperate for attention. If she had actual feelings, she wouldn’t have run this scam.  Thank you anon 🌺🌺🌺🌺

She’s probably seen how much support and sympathy Zara got after her miscarriage and I wouldn’t be surprised if she tried that trick and had all strategy laid out with her PR team. No surprises either if she blames Harry and RF for this

It’s always everybody else’s fault a typical narc move. MM PR team couldn’t start a campfire. Thank you anon 🌺🌺🌺🌺

JD, Julie here. My guess is she is going to announce she’s pregnant just before Eugenie’s October wedding. Then just before Prince Charles 70th birthday in November she will announce miscarriage. So then she gets another Christmas season with the family because her PR and the uninformed media will run the sympathy campaign. Just my thoughts. Hopefully the Palace has thought of this and they inform her she is no longer welcome to be anywhere near BRF and they banish her to Dad in Mexico.

That's pretty good Julie, I have already been told that.  It seems this may happen regardless if she can have one or not. I think it’s a really sick thing to do. Thank you, Julie, 🌺🌺🌺🌺

continued: like catch and kill. “For the right price you can kill this story”. That is what it sounds like to me. They are offering Harry the opportunity to kill the story. It could be old fashioned blackmail, but I doubt it and I don’t doubt that MM is somehow involved (secretly gets a cut). Would she give a flying f**k who sees her doing god knows what? She may prefer the release. It would help with her fame because even as a Duchess people still don’t care.

This is part 2, I don’t know about part 1 ,  MM is flat-lining, people don’t care. Thank you! I hope we get part 1 

Thanks again for answering, what Skippy received in September turned out to be true regarding the date of the engagement and the wedding? Also that video from the polo match doesn’t look suspicious imo she’s searching his car in front of the cameras, why do you think it’s suspicious? But unfortunately yeah i think this relationship is fake, im actually a supporter of them but Harry looks sooooo unhappy

Thank you anon, you’ve been reasonable and that’s what I wanted all along. You are invited to return. 🌺🌺🌺🌺