T 2 or the RF needs to explain why they are letting MM violate their policies established to assure the public of their integrity. (ha ha). Megsy is doing what any celeb does but now she is doing it within an institution that is not supposed to do this – violating public trust so it really falls on the RF to clean this up. But we know why they do not.

part 2  Freebie vs. Gifts 

That’s right it does fall on the Royal family doorstep, and serious questions have to be answered. The press needs to ask these questions about the fraud of trust. Something needs to give here because the rest of them will say MM did why can’t we? 

Yes, we do know why, but she signed up with the firm they should have more control now. 

The MM fans have to understand this is not a competition and she can’t speak out on politics, she gave up her rights joining the firm. That can’t be changed, or there will be no more monarchy.  

I personally love the monarchy and don’t want to see it hurt in any way, but this is going to come their way. It needs handling. 

Thank you, Love, 💖💖


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