That’s one way to look at it, that would okay as long as she doesn’t renege again, she can’t be trusted.  Maybe she is going to try to get out of this faster with the upcoming visit to the states.  I would love to know if they signed the book after the wedding? We can dream this nightmare will be over soon. 

Thank you anon 🌺🌺🌺🌺


3 thoughts on “Anonymous said: JD ,If there is a divorce or annulment ,it will be a fictitious divorce only,to announce it only for the people and the media.There will be no trial for divorce from London or California, because the marriage between Harry and Megan is afake illusion ,Built on duress and Extortion is an agreement between the two parties for public relations,The trial and the divorce money will not be between them.If this is really a fake phony marriage, it is not true.It is for appearances and events only.”

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