Anon- Summer for the Royals

Good Morning JD, I read your post about your 2 year anniversary. Congratulations! That sounds a bit weird, but congratulations all the same. You are one strong lady. As team Meg would say, ignore the haters, they’re just jealous! Anyway, when is Meg going to the US? When does the RF go to Balmoral? I think the Queen is already there. Do random family members just drop by throughout late July/August? Kind of like most of us drop by a lake or beach house to see our fam for a week during summer?
Good morning!  First, thank you, it does seem weird. I was a commenter on the Daily Mail, I read on tumblr to find stuff for Pinterest.  I love Princess Diana and Harry holds a special place in my heart with his visit to Florida for IG, I feel this is very important to recognize these amazing men and women, they are loved and not forgotten, they have a purpose. 
We are all so jealous or I want Harry, nonsense. 
We don’t know,  she could be here now in NYC, I guess she is taking care of business, maybe audition or two since her IMDb page is still active and posts every article that she is mentioned in.  Markle still has Gersh Agency and Sunshine Sachs.
The Queen has arrived in Balmoral, PP is said to have not made the journey yet. The rest of the clan pops in and out through the summer into September. 
Thank you anon 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺


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  1. Hey JD I’m here. Not sure how though! Have you closed yr Tumblr? I’ll catch you on Twitter to tell you some news. Oh btw has Thomas Markle sent a THIRD letter to Minnie Mouse? I read it somewhere and I’m trying to find it! Happy 2nd birthday JD!

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