August will be my two year anniversary on Tumblr, I started off as a reader and decided to blog about this very highly emotional drama about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.  Many of us saw something was wrong since day one.  We went on this journey together from around the world, we’ve had some great times, tears and let downs.  Everybody has done a tremendous job finding links, comments and the insiders that helped steer us in the right direction.  To those insiders I thank you, to the bloggers I have known and fought with, I thank you too. We have fought great battles and won, and we also lost, the war is not over by a long shot.

Be calm and carry on, keep your comments reasonable, stay current with the articles that I provide for you. Everything is on the blog, ask questions, and I can help you.

To the sugars, yes you can comment, and the same applies to you, don’t attack me, be reasonable, be constructive. Everyone’s opinion is essential. Nobody is jealous; we don’t want Harry, no I don’t send myself anons.  I’m not a kid.  People telling people to hurt themselves will be blocked.

Thank you, JD

I figure I better bring this here in its entirety, we are going to be here for a while.