Hi JD, Hope you are doing well? I am a bit puzzled still about the CDAN blind. I believe the info but can’t figure out how it was done. For JM to invoice, won’t she need difft company letter heads to send to PC? And if JM received the money, won;t her tax liability shoot up? Unless PC paid in cash — but who pays that much amount in cash, for example that 75 K R and R dress? Ko

The blind says full retail, Jess Mulroney has claimed to be MM stylist on numerous articles. Why would she need a different letterhead invoice? Jess is a stylist that people hire all the time.  Jess is in the business to dress people, I’d imagine she would send MM some kind of tax form she was paid.   

I doubt highly he paid in cash, the office is scrutinized. That’s why we know what know., it’s public. What we don’t know what outfits were charged, R&R dress was privately paid for per articles. Unless someone knows differently. 

Thank you, Ko 🌺🌺🌺


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