Hi JD, the royally connected American based Meghan Markle lookalike via her aunt, Ms. Masire-Mwamba doesn’t really look like Markle at all. She has a slight resemblance but is more beautiful. She’s tall, 5’11 is 25 years old and is on third degree at John’s Hopkins. For some reason she received lots of press. A newspaper, Ibtimes went as far as to ask who had Harry marry her or Narkle on an article they did on the girl. At that time NO wedding was suppose to take place.

I agree with you she is much prettier, educated, good family. Yes,  this wedding wasn’t supposed to take place.  Thank you anon 🌺🌺🌺🌺 Advertisements

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Jilly Cooper article

Hi JD, Hope you are well. Have you seen this article? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-6004165/Novelist-Jilly-Cooper-admits-shes-fan-Meghan-Markle.html Jilly’s definitely critical of MM in a roundabout way. The interesting thing is Jilly is great friends with C & C. They all live near each other in Gloucestershire and Jilly is a frequent guest at Highgrove. She would NOT be saying this if she hadn’t been asked to by Charles. This is how Charles gets his real thoughts out via friends. Maybe this is just the start.   It nice to have friends, maybe it could . Thank you …

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“Everyone yelling and no one is doing, someone needs to take the step and try. All of it is nasty. Prince Harry is trying, why don’t we listen to him?” Did I miss something? Who is yelling and doing nothing? What is Harry doing to solve it? Is MM involved into it too?

It’s all over twitter with knife violence. I don’t know if MM involved with anything. Prince Harry is bringing the conversation to highlight a problem, the trio did wonders with mental health.  Thank you anon 🌺🌺🌺

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