Hi, I hadn’t followed Meghan’s stories until right before engagement. I’ve read some comments made about her Toronto house break-in was a fake and ignored that. I’m not sugar but skeptical observer. Now, Richard Palmer’s tweet confirms it. I wonder when did you know and how?



The Globe and Mail covered it when it happened. The article is now gone from their website, but you can still see it when you plug the link in the Wayback Machine. I transcribed the contents in this post.


It later came out that Meghan hadn’t even been home at the time. They were tipped about the Camilla Tominey story coming out and went to hide out at Jess’ house.


Oh, and those pics of Doria being harassed by photographers near her home that were also mentioned in the statement? They are credited to Coleman-Rayner the same hire-a-paps Thomas used for his Mexico pics.


And the “bombardment” if friends and family? Oh, please, her friends and family members were falling over themselves selling crap to the tabloids. 

The WHOLE statement was completely fake. ALL OF IT. 

I still don’t understand how they got away with it. I get a lot of “why do you dislike her so much” questions, and this is why. I still can’t believe that they put a bunch of lies on KP letterhead and released them to the public.

MM dictated the statement over the phone from her lawyer’s office to KP, a license to print money. Plus her NDA and agreement.  Thi is a PR fantasy gone wrong.