Actually scheduling c-sections has become a thing. I know women who have chosen their child’s bday. Barring any emergency the obgyn will ask the mother. So long as it falls within the timeframe she can do it. A lot of women are opting for c-sections instead of traditional childbirth to avoid long labors.

Okay, I advise against it, that scar you get turns into a pouch. Your bikini underwear is never the same again. Then you always have to go C-section whether you want to or not. You can get down to the day.  Prettier babies too, they aren’t all stressed out. There are pros and cons to it. I would always choose medicated, get the epidural and morphine drip.  Thank you anon 💊💉💉💉💊 Advertisements

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I seem to recall Fergie had an elective C section with Beatrice, hence the strange birthday, Fergie chose it !

There really isn’t anything elective about it, if the baby can’t fit through the canal they have too cut. It hurts like hell, scar, staples, narcotics. I had 5 laparotomies and it’s a stay in the hospital for up to 5 days. I want to point out it’s a live birth.  Thank you anon 🌴🍹🍹🍹🌴 

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Hi JD, When do you think you will have the forum up and running? Will we need to log on w id’s or can we still be anon? Do you have an example of what it will be like?

Sorry to keep you waiting. We would love everyone’s input, and we are so excited to do it. Yes, we can do anon.  There is still a couple of issues we are trying to iron out, and Felix is my rock, thank God for him, he hopefully can fix them tonight when he gets home from work.  Let me know what you guys want to see?  Thank you anon 🌴🍹🍹🍹🌴

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