Hey JD, I am watching Ina Garten’s tv show (Barefoot Contessa). I did some research and learned she didn’t have any formal training and learned the techniques by herself reading books, like Rachael Ray. So it wasn’t impossible for Meghan to get her own tv-show, but unlike Ina and Rachael, MM doesn’t have the most important thing: talent. All her recipes were allegedly stolen from Cory or they look really unpleasant. Sometimes I wonder if MM has any real talent…

Nope, none that I know of, men seem to think she might.

Ina owned a catering business and worked very hard. She is wonderful! The audience relates to her class and how Ina entertains, she is incredible with gays, her relationship with her husband is charming. She never yachted for money.  She didn’t tie a mattress to her back. 

Thank you I never 🌺🌺😎😘


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