so the author in that CDAN blind was Morton who then buried the info? He was the one writing a book at that time. But he didn’t reveal it in the book. Why not? Creep. It is the whole celeb business corrupts everything. Morton said on a TV interview that Meghan would never have been allowed to get anywhere near WIliiam much less marry him so now I see why he said that. He knew she was a hooker. But the implication is Harry don’t matter and that is just wrong.

Thank you for your opinion, I like it. It tells me AM is banking on the second book. Introduce MM in the first, leave out some juicy details, add Prince Harry in on the 2nd book that should have been there for the first. 

Andrew Morton is contemptible right now, a lot of people wouldn’t be hero worshipping this woman. We have been trying so hard to get the message out there. 

Thank you anon 🌺🌺😎


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