Team Meg at It Again

There are several articles dissing Chelsy again. Poor Chelsy didn’t marry Harry and Harry has moved on. One even says Chelsy promised not to crash his wedding reception. Meg is a classless bitch. Chelsy is awesome and far superior to Megs.

This happened when Harry went to Africa before. Why would Team Meg be doing this now?

“Meghan, who has been given the title of Her Royal Highness Duchess of Sussex, was not fazed by Chelsy’s link to Harry.” 

Yes, she is, I see why Harry wanted to protect them from shit like this. MM is insecure with an inferiority complex. 

Another Express article, she doesn’t want to see the comments. You can leave comments on Express articles however you come as you are, they are not anon. 

When Harry goes away without NUTmeg we can expect more insane articles and threats to his friends. Why Chelsy? African, where is Harry? Africa. 

Thank you anon 😀😎🌷🌷


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