Hey JD, I saw the story about MM and Doria at the Express too. Do you think that means MM is desperate? Is this good news for us? Do you think there is a chance MM will leave soon? Oh God, I have so many questions! I just want this to end so we can all move on, I believe that all the bloggers will be relieved to see her out of the BRF. I think she was just a chapter of the tumblr family’s story.

Yep, Doria is the secret weapon, or so Markle thinks because they haven’t found anything on mom yet, 🤭She is about to throw more R-cards at the press and the British public. MM believes because the Express doesn’t have a comment system like the DM she’ll make out better, nope. Once she is gone, yep dust in the wind. 

Watch Dad drop more shite. 

Markle must be worried, she is losing him, she never had him to begin with. 

thank you I never 🌺😎


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