MM doesn’t play well for the audience, she doesn’t have the understanding of running a food business. Relating to everyday people that have to do the shopping. Everyone always says there is something about her I don’t like. Markle gives off a weird vibe, and the smug look drives people insane. 

Ina has excellent recipes that turn out well, she relates, her voice is so calm because to some,  a kitchen is a daunting place. She makes the viewer comfortable with using tools. 

My kitchen aid mixer can be intimidating, but once you start using it, you wonder why you didn’t get one earlier. Being a cook, you need passion, willing to experiment. You need the drive to perfect your craft like these ladies did. 

I’ve watched Debi, and her husband and I like them. It’s also very competitive, so if you’re like a lawnmower at the interview they will say NEXT!  

Thank you I never🌺🌺😎😘