Something to remember, in this case there’s a difference between privacy and secrets. Privacy it’s a matter of people on the outside wanting/trying to look in, the secrets are deceitful/embarrassing things you don’t want to get out. The “Markle Debacle” is all about the secrets. I don’t think you’d spend this much (PR) on privacy when you live a normal life, if that makes sense.

Ah ha, your right! So looking into someone criminal record would be open to the public,  say if someone had the case numbers and stuff like that? It’s harder to get where I’m sitting, but someone in the LA area might be able to pull that up?  

Also,  if we believe the commenter saying good luck making Trevor talk, is that the husband she paid off according to Enty Blinds? 

When you’re paying off people, you have a lot to hide. 

Thank you anon 🌺😎


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