This is supposed to be a slow month for Royal news

This should be a time to tidy up our sites; instead, we are getting a lot of misinformation and unnecessary drama from the Markle’s. Please, don’t believe it,  Bad press is still press.  The family is in on it, don’t believe the hype they are pumping out.  Felix and I have rounded up the usual suspects. This is Public Relations pumping out tons of lies from Beauty Tips to something in common with Chelsy. It’s all click bait so Markle can make money and you can remember her name for her Royal afterlife. This cast of characters is looking for the big payout which is never going happen.

Another thing, no pregnancy is on the table, I don’t know if the tarot cards are broke? Certain things have to happen before, like being fertile to start with, having sex and living together does help. There won’t be any adoptions, looks like the palace took care of Gossip Cop for us. Here is another reason why, if Markle wants to make that trip to Aus, she can’t be pregnant or have sex with Harry 6 months after the visit due to Zika Virus.

Please take Tarot Card readers with a  grain of salt, use a dartboard instead. 😹😹😹










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