Meghan Markle American Princess

Hello JD, have you ever watched this TV program on MM? It aired just before the wedding. Listen to what she said to Piers. (Harry was persistently pursuing her??, yeah right) Question: why was Piers presenting a TV program of MM’s total lies, when he photographed her earlier in the year stalking back and forth in front of the Daily Mail window and / or Kensington Palace trying to fool the public that she was in a relationship?

No, I didn’t watch this, he presumed it’s Harry, why not do it, they asked. He didn’t photograph her, I said the anon from Daily Mail did. It was in front of the Daily Mail and the entrance she stood by was not the entrance to KP, anybody could have walked through.  Dog and pony show. 

Thank you anon 🌹🌹🌹🌹