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  1. My first Prince concert. At the Garden. VIP section, sat next to a WASTED Heather Locklear and an overly flirty Richie Sambora. Gregory Hines and Mick Jagger in the row behind me.

    So close to the stage, to Prince, to all that genius, all that raw, combustible Renaissance talent…what a showman he was, what a singer, what a guitarist…and what a lovely human being. His music change my life.

    Rest in peace, Prince. 💜

    1. WOW! You sat near Sambora i am so jealous lol

      Prince was definitely a shock, I’m still not over that. I’m so glad you got to see him. He was a force to be reckoned with.

      1. He was the whole package. I adored him. He composed, played every instrument by ear, danced like nobody else, and out-Hendrixed Jim on guitar.

        Sambora was a Skank, my friend!! He was HITTING ON ME (I was a skinny little teenager) in front of his drugged up and very jealous wife! Oy, she was soooo stoned, dressed in an 80s sryle pink sweatsuit, greasy hair…it was a weirdass part of the night.

        And yeah, I’m still in denial about Prince. It was the Under the Cherry Moon tour, Sheila E. on drums…i can still feel the trance he had us in all night. He played for hours. Two encodes. Purple Rain makes me cry to this day. What a loss to the music world.

      2. You too? I tried to listen to it and i ended up bawling like a baby. David Bowie, Glenn Frey, i am never over it.

        Sambora sounds like it, he is from North Jersey. Them Jersey boys can be skanky as hell 😂😂

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