Should Markle wear gloves like the Queen

I just love when MM involves the queen 🙄



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  1. JD, I have a different take having grown up to appreciate “hats and gloves,” as tradition. I have never forgotten to wear my hat NOT “fascinator” to a wedding. Even still as an adult, I always bring my gloves. It can get quite tedious to shake so many hands, it’s true and who knows what people do in the loo. With this stated, I rather wished the BRF relaxed Markle’s dress code, specifically, because her attempts to look oh so “British” is rather insulting. I believe Markle is more a “mirror” than a “style icon.” Unfortunately for her, that reflection does not always beam a positive note. Take for instance, her overpriced garbs. Why do they look so “unfitted?” Is it just me? I think not.

  2. She involves her because she wants to be her it’s a silly pr article 🙄 You know the snarky side of me thinks, “Orr she could carry some Purell hand sanitizer in her purse and use when she gets back in the car” 😏 That way she doesn’t have to worry about being like the queen and wearing gloves during her engagements. 

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