Should Prince Harry really be blamed for Meghan Markle behavior?

Here is another one from the family, blaming Harry. When we brought up the hole in the shoes, some people called that sexist, is the brother being sexist as well?  or is it every couple should look out for one another.



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4 Comments on “Should Prince Harry really be blamed for Meghan Markle behavior?”

  1. He is going to catch for it either way, the longer this goes on, the  rougher it’s going to get for him.  

  2. JD I do agree with @jadeamberrose. I too rolled my eyes and stated “quietly” beneath my breath, “Here we go again.” I am rather bored with the antics of Thomas Markle Jr. I wished he would just go away. He adds no value to the conversation and stated by Jade, he is trying to “fan the flames.” Isn’t he the one who wrote a letter to PH that ‘it’s not too late’ to marry his half-sister? He is a cad and skint looking for a hand out. In all seriousness, I was shocked to see the hole in the shoe of PH. His valet should be fired. I rather believe Markle herself is ill-equipped to advise on dress,  judging by her appearance on several occasions. Albeit, I believe a “couple” should always look out for each other, she is lacking in the “empathy” department and is she not a Narcissist too?

  3. Omg, I’m sorry, but when I read that article I just rolled my eyes so hard, I think they fell out of my head. Seriously? Her brother is just trying to fan the flames. He acts like this is all new that she’s acting this way suddenly out of the blue. Cold! I call her sending her ring back to her ex-husband in the mail while she was shacking up with some other guy proof that she was cold waaaay before she even met Harry! 🙄 On a side note, I am one of those people who thinks couples should look out for one another especially if you love each other. It is not sexist it is just something couples usually do they look out for each other and help each other.  

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