David Beckham to go Invictus Games with Prince Harry

We need to discuss this on the forum; something is not right about this. I’m a fan of the IG and wounded warriors; this doesn’t sound right.


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6 Comments on “David Beckham to go Invictus Games with Prince Harry”

  1. I have to say all the advertising that is out regarding the Invictus Games here in Australia there is so far no mention of Harry. Last year was very sad because throughout the whole event the media was obsessed about M and would she attend any of the events with Harry. Harry himself was pre occupied with the whole M thing as we know it exploded literally and figuratively right before us. It was very sad to watch. The event is and was about the wounded veterans not Harry and his squeeze. I am very fearful the event will be another excuse for Me Me Me to take the limelight off the true stars – the veterans. If Harry is not willing or able to control her then the organisers are obviously worried and felt they needed another draw card.

  2. yeah. her outlets are putting this out then that tells me she will be there too. i hope a kangaroo hops on her fake ass. 

  3. I want to let you know that it’s pickup by MM outlets, Express on to People and so on. Something is going on here. Last year, NYC was part of the PR team for IG, and they were very upset with Prince Harry’s performance. Now this year they had to bring in David Beckham, what gives? I’m not happy about this at all. 

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