British Royal family has dealt with leaks and lies for years. It’s irrational to think every single Meghan leak comes from Meghan. She doesn’t have the time or ability to do so without it being known. Also there has been no consist leaking to one person. Almost al of it has been lies with very few getting it right in the end.


The Jamaica wedding was leaked in January and it came true in March. Attending Pippa’s wedding was leaked in February and it came true in May. Her presence at Invictus was leaked in March and came true in September. The Vanity Fair cover was leaked in March and also came true in September. The Africa vacation was leaked in June and it came true in August. Moving to London at the end of the year was leaked sometime during the summer and came true in November. Leaving Suits was also leaked sometime during the summer and came true in November. 

The only big stories that did not come true were the Balmoral/Mothering Day Queen meets (and those may have actually happened because they said during the engagement interview that she’d met the Queen “several times”), her presence at Pippa’s church ceremony, and the Africa proposal. 

I simply do not understand how you people can still believe that she’s not leaking. She leaked the baptism TO THE FREAKING TIMES, and then WORE A CROSS BRACELET CONFIRMING IT. She actually took the necklace that would have been hidden under her bulky sweater, and wrapped it around her wrist so y’all could see it and understand THAT THE “SECRET” CEREMONY SHE LEAKED ACTUALLY HAPPENED. It’s the same crap she did before with the beaded bracelet.

What the hell does she have to do to convince you people? Sign the People articles in front of a notary? 

She pap-walked in front of the DM. She called up Piers Morgan. She posted bananas and bracelets on Instagram. She hinted on her blog. She quit leaking to US Weekly when they fired Mio. She was leaking to an NBC outlet. The stupid yoga pap pics her Toronto fashion photographer friend did for her had better hair and makeup than her royal outings. She had pap pics taken in freaking Africa. She spoke to Vanity Fair. 

Meanwhile, we’ve had zero Cambridge leaks when they are moving, sending kids to new schools, getting siblings married, and having a new baby. The only unofficial Cambridge news we get all have to do with Meghan. Heck, Pippa’s wedding was an Mi6 operation with absolutely no leaks…except for Meghan’s crap. 

Y’all are freaking marvels of nature. She’s legit wearing a necklace as a hella awkward bracelet so you will know the leak was true, and you are still in denial.

Even if she couldn’t make it true, she had photoshop pictures, the JA wedding beach pics, the press knew about them before she got there😹. 

The Africa tarmac pics, I traced it to the tarmac in Jamaica, I spent hours on every tarmac in South Africa, but the tarmac attendant uniform gave it away.

 MM used old pictures for date night. Leaked the Christmas tree story and it wasn’t true, Richard Palmer found out much later. 

Pippa wedding, she didn’t go, she was not invited, but photoshopped a bad picture, just one mind you. With highspeed cameras, only one picture survived.   

Don’t forget about Coleman-Raynor pictures of the family, friends, that’s what blew the latest Dad and uncles blitz. 

Every time the DM sell one of her products she is merching, they make money and so does MM. 


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