I’m not sure I can even post this here, it may violate privacy rules. Bare with me while I get opinions on this. Doria is sort of a private person unless the press outs it and put it in an article,  I want to remain cautious at this time. 

We know about it,  can it be shown here on tumblr? What was the charge? There is also criminal traffic on it. 

Thank you for understanding 🌺🌺😎

Oh, this is a very, very strange coincidence. I was doing a little digging and discussed and shared this information in confidence to someone just a few short hours ago. It may just be that, a coincidence but the suspicious in me feels I need to be very cautious about who I talk to. Curious indeed. 

Yep be careful my friends, what constitutes stepping over the gray line? Why haven’t the press outed this? I know they have the info we have and more. Timing is everything. Thanks @gin-and-chin


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