Prince Harry Royal Marine engagement video

Was Meghan Markle photographed picking up after her dog?

Was Meghan Markle photographed picking up after her dog?

JD, there are some wonderful pictures and short videos of Harry today. He always shines around the military chaps and service dogs. Well he always shines when he is on his own 🌞

Yep! and I’ll gladly post his events like that. I can’t find this event, nothing in the Daily Mail. I’ll find it an reblog. I wanted to give you a picture for being kind. 

Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎

Good Morning.


I’m thinking about that picture and I think it was done on purpose. Just to see what people will do. Why plant a pic of someone else and pass them off as Meghan? If it’s not her that lady is probably scared to come out and say it’s not Meghan. Keep in mind those people already think tumblr is fucking insane and will believe anything so I’m not shocked if that was planted. If they know the pic is old why lie and say it was very recent? Be careful do not read into anything too much and always question everything. 

I agree with this statement! You have to run the clues down, look at the picture for signs, the sign being it was Lancer Square, that’s outside of palace grounds. The other one was that’s not a beagle, it’s a terrier. The most it doesn’t look like Markle. 

Know your clickbait, not everything was written by MM PR team. Don’t jump on everything that comes down the pike. 

Thanks, Vin

Wonderful to see Harry smiling at The Royal Marines visit. He looks happy and proud to be there. Thank goodness he left his clingy anchor at Soho FH. Let’s see more happy Harry, alone and doing the job his grandmother expects him to do!!!

I looked at the picture, and it must be old, nope today! Good for him. I’ll have to go grab it, I’m looking for shots of just him that I don’t want to be mixed up with his escort. MM days are numbered, packed that up in archives. 

thank you anon 🌸🌸😎


Let’s say he did say something which could potentially damage his and/or the BRF’s reputation. Was he drunk or on drags when he opened his mouth considering the fact they didn’t know each other very well. They saw each other a few times while Harry was still seeing Sarah. Who does it? Who spills a possibly damaging info to a barely known person? Harry was the mess all his life. There were always someones around to clean it up for him. Now it’s about time to face the music.

I don’t know, the RPO didn’t take cells that night.  Now, Harry has married someone with a plan to climb higher on his coat tails and the BRF tails for the rest of her life. It was like taking candy from a baby. MM has been 5 steps ahead of them. Being passive isn’t going to work. Tell the truth does, that’s is MM Achilles heel. 

Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎