Tom Sykes is now giving us the lonely life of Meghan Markle too. Given he is a mouthpiece for Meghan this lonely MM thing is definitely coming from her. And has gotten a big push from her pr. So is it a ploy for sympathy or is this divorce narrative? The lonely life of a royal is a big change from her previous HM is suffocating her with rules. And it is nonsense – Kate Wil and Harry all have friends and an active life with their friends away from the public eye. I say divorce prep.

Oh for the love of god!  I hope someone out there is watching this, MM gets nailed every time. That has got to be against her agreement with BRF. 

All of the above Love, she is shooting forever talking about them in her quest to become Diana 2.0. We can see she is adjusting as she goes, don’t discount her, MM is really going for the big leagues, and nothing is going to stop her but the truth. 

Like Lily said there won’t be a bunker deep enough for her to hide. MM is very brazen. 

I don’t see how Harry can stand next to her. 

Thank you Love for the report 💖💖


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