re: photo being off- ears are markers. ph’s earlobe is NOT as thick, flappy as one in ‘hacked’ photo. it is a pr plant plain as day. typical mm grab attention plus piss on e&j’s weddings news. i would cancel mm’s invite to my wedding cuz u know mm is going to make every effort to one up eug and take over just like b party for a little girl mm insist she was queen at someone else party. brf fail to stop this b.s

Hacked is the correct word.  Why on earth do this? The PR’s are playing games, I reckon.  They are on the radar, aren’t you NYC? Caught her tonight asking me why am I jealous of Meghan, geez give a break already. 

Yep, Eugenie wedding caught on radar online article with her handprints all over it.  MM is the one that is jealous, she didn’t do it right the first time, haha! 

The palace isn’t stopping her shit show, they say be patient, it’s difficult.  How about cart her ass to jail and deport the scoundrel. Sounds simple, right. If it were, they would, so we wait. 

Thank you anon  🌸🌸😎


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