Anon Time! Harry IG

Re: Harry linking to the video on his IG. Harry has to maintain the pretense too. And he knows by now his IG account is watched. So he posts the link to her video to keep the pretense up. But I am saying this again – this is a pretense. It is an obvious scam. He was coerced. I cannot account for how he is emotionally reacting to being in this wretched marriage, but it is a pretense.
Of course, he does, I spoke in private chat about this.  People should leave him be, that the only private thing he actually gets to play and be normal is his IG. Why be upset over this, the wedding rehearsal pictures show him calm and directing the guys, and Ben Mulroney was in the pictures too. That is something to get worried about not his IG page.  Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎

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